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10 Shed plans DIY

10 Shed plans DIY

Most of us do not complain about having too many things but complaining that there is not enough space to store. For that reason, many families desire to build a shed to create storage space outside the house,  maybe in your backyard or garden now a common sight in most homes. Today. Store your children's bicycles and outdoor toys or simply keep the garden tools safe and dry, and the shed is a great storage solution and does not disturb the home.

But it is very difficult to get a special Shed to meet the demand.
Each set of Shed must first need a plan and all essential materials including nails and screws. All you really need is some appropriate tools, time and of course a handful of patience to continue. Step by step to help guide you through the process of building a Shed for you to choose. The customizable spill options can be fun and, although challenging, can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment once the results are achieved.

Therefore, we would like to introduce 10 Shed designs from hundreds of samples of Pinterest.com

1. The Shed That Joe Built   

Just looking at the image of this Shed made me ecstatic. Only a great love of labor can create a creative, beautiful and attractive Shed like this.
But I think this Shed need to have a solution to avoid overheating in the summer (of course, if you want to build it in high summer temperatures); Resistance to rain and snowstorms can occur (strong glass is needed). 

Size: 12'x12.
Difficulty: 5/5
Buil this Shed

2. Potting Shed

You need a Shed with a large enough space and a porch, this is a good option for you.
What I like about this Shed is:
- Simple design.
- Can store in and out.
- The combination of Dutch tree trunks, baskets and Dutch style doors will help keep the shed more beautiful.

Size: 10'x8'.
Difficulty: 3/5

3. Colonial-style Shed (Garden Shed)

This Shed reminded me of old colonial houses.
  Special features I like:
- The color of the walls and outside doors combined with the purple color of the flowers on the windows of the book creates beauty and elegance.
- The doors on it are both double doors so it will be very easy to move large objects in and out of this warehouse.

- Storage space is large enough. Use natural light and ventilation through the windows system.

Size: 12'x6'.
Difficulty: 4/5

4. The classic American Shed

This Shed is designed similar to the classic American chicken coop. With its simple architectural design and laid out in the garden area, there is plenty of storage space and windows that receive light from the wild.
The special point I like this design is:
- The use of the color of the walls and the roof of the roof makes the store very suitable for natural scenes and also very modern.
- Use natural light and ventilation conveniently.
- 2 doorways allow you to store a large variety of furniture.
If I could add this design, I can only comment:
- Add roof drainage at the roof and try to add additional slope of the roof adjacent to the main window and door.
- Add outside sections to be used for other purposes than use as Shed.

Size: 18'x12'.
Difficulty: 4/5

5. The Cottage Shed

This is really a lovely shed like a miniature house.
The special point I like this design is:
- Use sharp colors and detailed design.
- The natural light system will help you minimize the cost of electricity.
- The storage space is large enough for you to use with many different functions.
If you are looking for a personality Shed then this is the right choice for you

Size: 10'x12'.
Difficulty: 4/5

6. The Yard Shed

This is also a Shed that I love. If you only use the Shed as a place to store, you use will be very limited. Nothing is better when you use some space on the porch to relax after hard work.
The special point I like this design is:
- The design is very special and in harmony with nature.
- Use with different functions: such as a place for reading, gardening or relaxing.
- The sliding door style will help your Shed create more unique.
If I had a Shed near the lake near your house, that would be your best place to work and relaxing.

Size: 12'x16'.
Difficulty: 4/5

7. The Modern Shed 

If you are really interested in a modern style warehouse project that combines wood, steel and glass. This is an option for you.
What I like about this warehouse is:
- Simple and modern design. Take advantage of small paneled wood panels to fit into the wall.
- Doors make it easy for you to carry your belongings.

Size: 10'x14'.
Difficulty: 4/5

8. Barn Shed

As its name implies, this Shed, when constructed for the primary purpose of making a barn. This type of Shed is quite popular in the suburbs. If you are ready to build this neat barn with lots of easy and fun storage space to build then this is a perfect plan for you.

Size: 12'x16'.
Difficulty: 3/5

9. Barn Shed 2

Just like the Barnshed style, but more like that style. I like the mix that is the innovation that destroys the inherent rigidity of the regular shed barn and with this plan you can use Shed for a variety of purposes.

Size: 12'x16'.
Difficulty: 4/5
Buil this Shed

10. Gable Shed  

This is the simplest and easiest form to implement in the Shed I have introduced. Simplicity and coherence in architectural form, but no less subtle than the colors and edges of the windows, create the distinctive feature of this warehouse.
If you like simplicity, this is the right choice.

Size: 12'x16'.
Difficulty: 2/5

1- These plans allow you to flexibly choose from a wide range of designs and materials made available and more to get the right thing done. Shed Plans are a great idea no matter how high your building skills are and provide easy-to-use plans to track the results in a solid yard yard. safe and secure. You can buy detailed plans and higher quality at prices from $ 25 /specific plan or purchase 16,000 woodworking plans from TedsWoodworking at tedswoodworking.com or 12000 shed plan at www.myshedplans.com.

2- For those less confident in building. We recommend that you buy a ready-made ready-to-use Shed that may be a faster choice in the sense that all the materials you need are there. No need to spend time measuring, cutting materials, size and running around buying or ordering parts. Step by step guides can make this option of pouring both fun and cost-effective. 

3 - For those who consider themselves architects, going to build your own Shed from scratch can be both an achievement and a challenge. The Plan above gives you all the planning- tools needed to create your very own masterpiece.

Wish you have a Shed as desired.



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